Monday, 20 January 2014

More Wooden Letters

Hello people.  Having a good day, I hope? 

I recently made these wooden letters for a cousin's baby and thought I would show you.

I'm quite pleased with how they turned out:
Oh dear, the picture looks a little blurry here.  It's hard to see the details, but the N has a stamped image of an airplane and some buttons and twine; the C has his birthdate stamped on a banner; the O has a kite flying off it; the L has "look out world" stamped on it;  the A has a button; and the S has some more twine to finish it off!  Stamps and ink are from CTMH of course:)


  1. these are adorable, I have been wanting to make some for my craft studio...thanks for the inspiration! You asked about how I make my bows, I have a section on my blog at the top right called "Just For You", it is a collection of tutorials on how to do some things. My bow making is the second one down, here is the link

    Please let me know if you need further help!

    sparkle & shine *~*

    1. Thanks so much, Teresa! I'll give it a try:)