Friday, 7 February 2014

Valentine's Tree

It's nearly Valentine's Day and I almost forgot to post this.  We don't usually celebrate Valentine's Day at our house, but last year we had a candlelit dinner which the kids loved, so this year we will again.  However, I decided this family could use a little extra lovin' and appreciation for each other, so I found this cute idea:
As I was perusing blogland the other week, I came upon this cute Valentine's Tree.  I cut out 2 tags for every person in our family (that's 7 people!) using white cardstock.  Then I added paper hearts in everyone's colour. 

On the backs I wrote "I love ________ because..."  and we all have to write something on everyone's tag. 
I love this idea because it's making us all think about the little things that we appreciate about each other.  It's filling us with warm fuzzy feelings which will hopefully last all year:)